GPS Machine Control

GPS Machine Control is a specialized technology that allows for precise digging on your job site. We use GPS satellites to locate the exact survey area on your site faster, and with greater accuracy than ever before. GPS sensors are placed on the buckets, blades and booms of our equipment, allowing the operator to see what needs to be moved. We are able to achieve the exact grade required, all without having to stop the work frequently in order to make sure the project is on track.

Golden Base Contracting Ltd. uses industry-leading TOPCON GPS machine control technology. We offer exceptional solutions that allow you to manage your project simply, efficiently and cost effectively.

Our goal is to save you time and money while delivering fast, efficient and safe options to get the job done right. By using GPS Machine Control, we are able to know where to dig, and how much earth will be moved. We can make changes mid-project to account for any unforeseen developments as the work progresses.

To learn more about how GPS Machine Control can simplify your next project, contact us today!