Clearing & Logging

With more than 10 years experience, Golden Base Contracting Ltd is an industry leading provider of clearing and brushing services. We have the knowledge, equipment and expertise to execute work safely and always meeting quality and project specific standards.  Whether clearing pipeline, powerline right of ways, lease pads, access road or seismic lines.

We employ experienced professionals and equipment operators who work seamlessly together to efficiently deliver our service. Our attention to detail in all areas of the project, ensure that all guidelines are followed and specifications are met. We employ certified professional experienced fallers to maximize the potential value of the timber. We have qualified operators & proper equipment in place that will add value to the wood marketability & efficiency to the land clearing timelines.

Services include timber salvage, grubbing, mulching, burning and log haul completed to client specifications with consideration of environmental concerns and hazards.

Our service provides customers with fast, reliable, and environmentally safe land clearing or logging. Where brush, trees, and stumps need to be removed, the combined efforts of our skilled operators and equipment, ensures Golden Base Contracting Ltd. leads the way.

Logging Equipment


Tigercat 845C – High Rotate Head
Tigercat 845D – High Rotate Head


John Deere 848 LGP
Tigercat 620


John Deere 2054 Waratah 622B


250 Hurricane
600 Bron